About me ...

I bet you knew it already ... I had the perfect text written in here ... just a minute ago ... then I just wanted to do some little changes ... BAM! DELETED! ... now you have to deal with whatever I can remember I wrote.


I am working about 20 years (better not talk about it) as a freelance illustration and animation artist for Europe and Amerika. 


In 2002 I started out in animation and worked on movies like "Werner - gekotzt wird später", "Ritter Rost 1+2" as well as "Die drei Räuber" or TV-shows like "The Lalaloopsies", "Die Kinder vom Möwenweg" or "Abby Hatcher, Monster Catcher" season 1-3. There were more ... believe me.


Along that way I also started working for schoolbooks like "der, die, das", picture books like "Onno & Ontje", "Was passiert in der Kinderklinik" (still my personal favourite) and some first readers books like "Leon Reed - Zack ins Abenteuer" or "Meja Meergrün"


In 2016 "the call from afar" pulled me away from Germany ...

dramatic pause ... and now I live with my family in the city of Toronto in Canada and suffer through extreme heat and cold while learning new skills in my old trade. 


Thanks a lot for stopping by.